"Pink Light" Original Canvas Art

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"It took me a while to decide to put this one up for sale because this work is an intensely emotional statement. In January, New York passed a law allowing for post-birth abortion--otherwise known as outright infanticide--then celebrated by illuminating the World Trade Center in pink light. They argue that a fetus is not human at 20 weeks. I created this piece from photographs of my [now 8-year-old] son's 20 week 4D ultrasound. That fetus sure is a baby. A fully developed human, with every precious little finger and toe and sweet facial feature, cocooned in the dark comfort of a mother's womb and facing the light of the world just beyond. What that light means is now anybody's best guess, because it is at the whim of the so-called mother under the guise of healthcare." --From the Artist

Own your very own piece of Dilley original art! Comes signed and varnished with Certificate of Authenticity. Ships guaranteed and insured.

Title: Pink Light
Size 11x14
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Support: Solid black brushed Wood Framing

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